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Julius x Takeshi Obata.


God always told me to love my enemies
And this my child will wash your iniquities
He told me to love them to improve my health
So I obeyed the bastard and loved myself
God told me to love my neighbours and so I listened
He told me, not literally, not the distance
Just love everyone, those that are looking blue
But I ignored him and moved next to you

The devil is like a roaring lion, coming to kill
His fur made of drugs and his teeth made of thrills
If you follow the lion, he’ll make you his feast
So I whipped the poor cat and made it my beast
For he was understood, and I loved his charm
God told me to turn the other cheek to those that do me harm
The funny thing about my cheek and my life
Is that I turned and saw my hand holding the blood stained knife